• Royal Leamington Spa pump rooms –Warickshire  2019

    Supplying one of major contractors on this job, with Geotextiles, Stone, Decorative stone, Concrete

    As well as helping  the contactor with  their Waste Management requirements.  

  • Harrow College – Harrow  2019

    One of contractors in London as AGS can supply anywhere in the UK.  Supplying our contractor and the Main Contractor

    Balfour Beatty. This long running project was supported by AGS supplying, Marshalls Products, Stone, Timber Products

    Along again with the customers Waste Management requirements, ensuring the deadline date for handover was met.

  • Stockland Green School – Birmingham   2019

    Supplying one of major Sports Contractors throughout this project, All there Groundwork requirements were supplied by AGS

    From Stone , Asphalt, Geotextiles, to Drainage, Edgings, Aco Channel , along with all their waste Management from Muck away and Skips

    With AGS being the sole supplier it saves time for the contactor on site having to make just one phone call for all their requirements, with

    Confidence knowing prices are always competitive without compromising on service.

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